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(NOTE:All lessons conclude with a Summary and Review Questions.)ELECTRICITY ONE. Introduction. Structure of Matter. Atomic Theory. Electrical Charges. Electron Theory. How to Produce Electricity. Electric Current. Effects of Electricity. Magnetism. Electromagnetism. Electricity and Magnetism at Work. ELECTRICITY TWO. The Electric Circuit. Resistance. Resistors. Ohm's Law. Power. Series Circuits. Parallel Circuits. Comparison of Series and Parallel Circuits. Series-Parallel Circuits. Proportionality. Kirchoff's Laws. Superposition. Thevenin's Theorem. Norton's Theorem. Internal Resistance of Power Sources. D-C Circuit Failures. ELECTRICITY THREE. Alternating Current. A-C Waveforms. A-C Characteristics. Resistive A-C Circuits. Effects of Electromagnetism. Inductance. Inductive D-C Circuits. Inductive A-C Circuits. Mutual Inductance. Transformers. Transformer Types. Transformer Losses. RL Circuits. Capacitance and the Capacitor. Capacitive D-C Circuits. Capacitive A-C Circuits. Capacitive Fluctuating D-C Circuits. Power Factor. Capacitor Types. Capacitor Color Codes. RC Circuits. ELECTRICITY FOUR. Vectors. RL Circuits. Series RL Circuits. Parallel RL Circuits. Comparison of RL Circuits. RC Circuits. Series RC Circuits. Parallel RC Circuits. Comparison of RC Circuits. LCR Circuits. Series LC Circuits. Series LCR Circuits. Series Resonance. Parallel LC Circuits. Parallel LCR Circuits. Parallel Resonance. Comparison of Resonant Circuits. Series Parallel Circuits. Tuned Circuits. Filter Circuits. Transformer Vectors. Impedance Matching. ELECTRICITY FIVE. Introduction. Meter Movements. Meter Construction. Meter Characteristics. D-C and A-C Meters. Rectifier Meters. Meter Calibration and Accuracy. Ammeter Ranges. Multirange Ammeters. Measuring Current. Voltmeters. Ohmmeters. The Wheatstone Bridge. The Megger. Power Meters. Multimeters. Meter Relays. Electronic Multimeters. Special Meters. ELECTRICITY SIX. Power Sources. The Wet Call. The Dry Cell. The Secondary (Storage) Battery. The Lead-Acid Cell. The Alkaline Cell. Battery Characteristics. Other Voltaic Cells. Generators. The DC Generator. The Field Winding. The Armature Winding. The Neutral Plane. Regulating Generator Voltage. D-C Generator Construction. D-C Generator Regulation. The A-C Generator. Stationary-Armature A-C Generators. Output Phases. A-C Generator Regulation. A-C Generator Ratings. A-C Generator Construction. Comparison of Generators. The Automobile Alternator. Generator Internal Resistance. The Motor-Generator. The Dynamotor. ELECTRICITY SEVEN. Electric Motors. D-C Motors. Practical D-C Motors. D-C Motor Construction. Motors Vs. Generators. Counterelectromotive Force. D-C Motor Classification. Motor Ratings. Shunt Motors. Series Motors. Direction of Rotation. Compound Motors. Comparison of D-C Motors. Starters and Controllers. Starters. Controllers. A-C Motors. Synchronous Speed. Synchronous Motors. Induction Motors. Other A-C Motors.
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