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Nuclear Physics; A Course Given by Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago cover
  • ISBN: 9780226243658
  • ISBN10: 0226243656

Nuclear Physics; a Course Given by Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago

by Jay Orear

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Univ of Chicago Pr
  • Publish date: 06/01/1960
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Chapter 1. Properties of Nuclei A. Isotope, Charts and Tables B. Packing Fraction and Binding Energy C. Liquid Drop Model 1. Semi-empirical mass formula 2. Isobaric behavior 3. -emission 4. Periodic shell structure D. Spin and Magnetic Dipole Moment E. Electric Quadrupole Moment F. Radioactivity and its Geological Aspects G. Measurement and Biological Aspects of Radioactivity Appendices 1. Magnetic Moment for Closed-shell-plus-one Nuclei 2. Electric Quadrupole Moment 3. Mass Correction for Neutron Excess Problems Chapter 2. Interaction of Radiation with Matter 1. Energy Loss by Charged Particles 2. Bohr formula 3. Electrons 4. Other particles 5. Other absorbers 6. Range 7. Polarization Effects 8. Nature of equation for -dE/dx 9. Ionization of a gas 10. Radiation B. Scattering 1. Classical calculation for single scattering 2. Multiple scattering C. Passage of Electromagnetic Radiation through Matter 1. Photoelectric absorption 2. Compton scattering 3. Radiation loss by fast electrons 4. Pair formation 5. Cosmic ray showers 6. Summary Appendices 1, 2, 3. Multiple scattering 4. Momentum and pair creation References Chapter 3. Alpha Emission A. Rectangular Barrier B. Barrier of Arbitrary Shape C. Application of Barriers to -decay D. Virtual Level Theory of -decay E. -ray Spectra Appendix Chapter 4. Beta-Decay A. Introduction B. Examples of -processes C. Energy diagrams D. Theory of -decay E. Rate of Decay F. Shape of Energy and Momentum Spectra G. Experimental Verification H. Selection Rules J. F Tables K. Remarks on K-capture L. Remarks on the Neutrino Hypothesis M. Neutrinos and Anti-neutrinos Chapter 5. Gamma-Decay A. Spontaneous Emission General emission formula Electric dipole emission Magnetic dipole emission Half lives B. Selection Rules 1. Angular Momentum 2. Parity 3. Improbability of nuclear dipole radiation 4. Summary 5. Dipole absorptionat high energies C. Internal Conversion 1. Theory of internal conversion 2. Selection rules 3. Other processes 4. Experimental determination of conversion coeff. D. Isomeric States Problems Chapter 6. Nuclear Forces A. Introduction 1. Meson Theory 2. Saturation of nuclear forces 3. Exchange forces B. The Deuteron 1. Non-central and spin-dependent forces 2. Ground state of the deuteron C. Neutron-Proton Scattering 1. Method of partial waves 2. Low-energy solution for 3. Virtual state of the deuteron 4. Evidence for exchange forces D. Proton-Proton Forces 1. Pauli principle complications 2. Spin functions 3. Coulomb scattering E. Neutron-Neutron Forces Chapter 7. Mesons A. Experimental Properties B. Theory References for mason theory Problems Chapter 8. Nuclear Reactions A. Notation B. Cross Sections, General C. Inverse Processes D. Compound Nucleus E. Example of an Unstable Nucleus (4Be8) F. Resonances; Breit-Wigner Formula G. Resonances; Data H. Statistical Nuclear Gas Model J. Fission K. Orbit Model of the Nucleus L. Capture of Slow Neutrons by Hydrogen M. Photonuclear Reactions N. Remarks on Very High Energy Phenomena Chapter 9. Neutrons A. Neutron Sources 1. Radioactive sources 2. Photo-sources 3. Artificial sources B. Slowing Down of Neutrons 1. Inelastic 2. Elastic 3. Energy distribution of neutrons from a mono- energetic source 4. Distance from a point source vs. energy C. Diffusion Theory 1. Age Equation 2. Distribution of thermal neutrons D. Scattering of Neutrons 1. Effect of chemical binding 2. Low energy scattering 3. Interference phenomena 4. Para- and ortho-hyrogen 5. Crystalline diffraction 6. Index of refraction 7. Scattering by microcrystals 8. Polarization of neutron beams E. Theory of Chain Reactions Chapter 10. Cosmic Rays A. Primary Radiation B. Secondary Radiation 1. Protons 2. Neutrons 3. Mesons 4. Electronic Component C. Analysis into Hard and Soft Component D. Motion in the Earth's Magnetic Field 1. Trajectories 2. Illustration: Equatorial Plane, Shadow Effect 3. Intensity: Liou
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