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How safe is it to put credit card information on the web?

Our web site utilizes a system that meets or exceeds industry standards in every respect. We use proven encryption algorithms known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to make sure your transaction is secure. This advanced technology works with all major browsers including the Netscape Navigator Browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser, and the AOL Browser. In addition, we do not employ "cookies" or other pieces of technology that might compromise your security.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.

Do you charge any tax on my order?

We are required by law to charge sales tax on orders shipped to Connecticut. In accordance with the legal statutes of the state of Connecticut, we will apply the sales tax to shipping charges, handling fees, and credit card transaction fees, since they are all considered part of your order.

How soon will my books arrive?

Delivery times vary by title. The approximate shipping times appear in the product detail of each book. However, please bear in mind that an order of several items, each offering a different shipping speed, will default to the longest speed for delivery.

How do I know if a book is available?

In most cases books listed on our web site are available. However, because our inventory is extremely dynamic, we must verify availability before we confirm your order. Confirmation of your order will be automatically emailed to you 1-2 business days from purchase.

If a book is found to be AVAILABLE, the order is fulfilled. However, if a book is found to be UNAVAILABLE, the order is automatically canceled and the customer's credit card is never charged. In some cases you might be able to backorder books that are unavailable. If this is the case you will be made aware of this option via email.

Can I cancel my order?

Please be aware that an order cannot be canceled once it has been made so carefully review the items you order as well as your billing and shipping information.


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