TextbookX Has Partnered with CampusBookRentals to Bring You an Exciting Rental Program!

You probably have questions...

  1. What's this all about?
  2. You asked for it — you got it! By partnering with CampusBookRentals, a leading textbook rental company, we were able to increase textbook availability and decrease costs to you — the student. Rental books can be selected along with any other combination of products on our site, in a single transaction. The main difference is that you will have to send the rental back at the end of the term. Don't worry — we make it easy.

  3. How do I return my books?
  4. When you receive your rental book in the mail, it will contain a prepaid, preaddressed USPS label. Simply set this label aside until its time to return the book. Don't think you can hold on to a label that long? No worries. If you lose this label you can always print another copy from the order detail in your account on TextbookX.com.

  5. What will I receive?
  6. You can be confident when you rent textbooks from us, your books will be correct according to your order, and will be in excellent shape. Your rentals will never be an international edition or a reprint, and only the best condition used copies will be shipped. On occasion, if the only book available is a US teacher's edition, and if it is determined to be the same as the student edition page for page, and word for word, it may be sent (this is very rare).

    Important Note: Supplemental materials, such as student access codes, CD ROMs, or workbooks are not guaranteed to come with your books even if the title of the book contains language regarding CD ROMs or other forms of supplements.

  7. How long can I keep my rental?
  8. We try to offer rental periods that will suit all students. Information on specific terms available can be found below.

    Grace Period. All of our rental periods come with a 15 (fifteen) day grace period, which means you have 15 days past the original due date to get the book returned. The grace period applies to all of the rental periods below (for example, the 130 day rental period gives you 145 days to get the book back to our warehouse).

    Semester (130 days). This rental period was designed for students attending full semesters. All textbooks rented under this rental period must be returned to our warehouse 145 days from the day your books were rented.

    Quarter (85 days). This rental period is used mainly by students on quarters or in a Master's program. All textbooks rented under this rental period must be returned to our warehouse 100 days from the day your books were rented.

    Summer (55 days). This rental period is used mainly by students taking summer courses or those taking intense (condensed) courses year round. All textbooks rented under this rental period must be returned to our warehouse 70 days from the day your books were rented.

    Extensions. We offer 15 day extensions if you find yourself needing to keep your book just a bit longer. You can extend your rental period through your TextbookX.com account, in the order details section. Your account will immediately update to show the new rental period. Up to 2 Extensions can be performed in most cases.

  9. What if I change my mind, and want to keep my book instead of returning it?
  10. You have the option to purchase your book at any time during the rental period. Log into your TextbookX.com account and view the order detail section to do this. You will be charged the buyout price.

  11. What happens if I'm late returning the book?
  12. If you fail to send the book back after the rental period (and an additional grace period to cover transit times) ends, we will charge your saved credit card for one extension automatically. This will give you a little more time to get your return ready. If you miss the next return deadline, however, we will have to charge your credit card the buyout price — again, this will only be the difference between the book's current price and everything else you've paid to date, including the extension.

    We don't want to do this! Please contact our Help Desk and contact our customer team if you are having problems with your return.

  13. What about the fine print?
  14. We're glad you asked.